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~ Tuesday, May 1 ~

A quiet murmur of wind shrouded the voices in the halls, and Tseng looked back down the one he’d just finished up with, a thin, tired smile pulling his once smooth skin into a myriad of wrinkles. Elsewhere, silence reigned in this unholy place, and he dipped his head to the small statue that watched over the former SOLDIER wing, one of Minerva, her flaming wings held aloft, her smile beatific and loving, if a touch remote. Genesis had insisted upon it, so, so long ago…

"Boss-man." Reno’s voice was a ragged ruin, brought on by throat cancer. You could still see the scars peeking above his turtleneck, but he’d hardly let that stop him. "We’re done in th’ west wing." Behind him, tall, imposing, and just a little stoop-shouldered stood Rude, resting his weight on an elegant black cane. Tseng nodded a little, his own walking stick withdrawing from the folds of the cloak he always wore.

"Come, then. It is time for us to leave." One by one, the Turks left Healin Spa at last, Elena’s own wrinkled countenance waiting for them with a smile behind the wheel of Rufus’s old Rolls. A rush of wind followed them out, and Tseng took a moment breathe deep, the scent of purple sage and white asters, golden tulips and blue bonnets. And for just a second, he could hear the beating of wings, and the laughter of men, as if they’d seen the memorial left to them. And given that a certain flowergirl had most certainly called them home…they probably did.

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